Guidance for Visitors – Sydney

Outlined below are the measures currently in place for Watson Farley & Williams Ltd, Level 2, 319 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000.
  • Office is locked 24 x7 (employees have a FOB to access the office, whilst all other personnel should press the call button on the left hand side of wall and when the call button is answered, access can be given to the office);
  • All personnel to check in at Level 2 Reception upon arrival;
  • A thermometer is available (at Reception) should there be a need for temperatures to be taken;
  • Hand sanitiser is available for use upon entry to our building and throughout the office. Visitors and staff are encouraged to use the sanitiser;
  • Disinfectant surface wipes have been provided to clean workstations and equipment such as phones, keyboard and mouse;
  • Bathrooms are well stocked with hand soap and paper towels, and where appropriate posters with instructions (have been strategically placed) on how to wash hands;
  • Frequently touched areas are cleaned by external cleaners who visit the site twice per week;

For further business rules and regulations, please refer to the NSW Government website below, which was updated as of 12 April 2022.

  • Visitors must always keep a safe distance of at least 1.5 metres between persons (where possible);
  • Should an employee, tenant, visitor, or anyone that they live with, be suffering from any COVID-19 symptoms, they are required to self-isolate, and it is requested that parties not attend the offices.  WFW contact/s to be notified, who will be happy to make alternative arrangements;
  • Should an employee, tenant or visitor test positive for COVID-19, or feel unwell, (whilst attending the office, or after leaving the building), WFW representative/s or Office Manager be notified immediately.