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WFW Paris Partner speaks at roundtable discussion at Cleantech panorama conference12 April 2017

WFW Paris Partner Pascal Roux recently took part in the “Cleantech panorama” conference organised by GreenUnivers, France’s leading news source for information on renewable energy, during the national summit for cleantech companies (Forum national des éco-entreprises du Pexe), which took place on 30 March at the French Ministry for Economy and Finance. Pascal and his fellow roundtable speakers discussed how cleantech start-ups and firms could find a market for innovation, in particular fundraising and growth drivers.

This event coincided with the publication of this year’s report by GreenUnivers on cleantech in France (Panorama des cleantech en France 2017), also sponsored by WFW and to which Partner Laurent Battoue contributed an article on the role of technological and legal innovation in assisting the energy transition (Innovation technologique et innovation juridique au soutien de la transition énergétique).

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