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Decarbonisation, the race towards net zero and wider ESG requirements are simultaneously the biggest challenges and opportunities facing our clients across the energy, transport and real estate sectors today. As how businesses operate changes as a result, we are utilising our specialist industry knowledge to support and guide our clients on how best to achieve their individual sustainability goals in a way that best reflects the commercial environment within which they operate.

Our full-service, sector-focussed teams work pro-actively alongside clients to ensure their needs are met. We understand that sustainability can take many different forms, and what works for one organisation or project may not work for another. Whatever advice you may need, from updates on industry regulations for green fuels through to the creation of green-focussed companies and sustainable financings – our industry experts have the skills and expertise to support your sustainability goals.



"Inaction (on sustainability) is no longer a viable or costless option."Charis Platankonaki, Chief Strategy Officer, Star Bulk Energy

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