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Sustainability and decarbonisation within the energy sector can mean a broad array of things depending on the individual business in question, with no one size-fits all solution. Many clients across the industry have taken significantly different pathways and are at vastly different stages of their sustainability journey. It’s a complex and quick-developing area, requiring flexibility, persistence and knowledge to successfully navigate a business through the ongoing transition to a net zero future.

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At the cutting edge of latest trends and developments both in the energy sector and in relation to sustainable best practice, our team of lawyers active across energy transition and sustainability-related practices offer premium legal services to all energy participants embarking on or journeying through their personal energy transition.

Our multi-disciplinary team brings together significant know-how, expertise and insight into the commercial drivers of our clients’ business decisions to effectively guide them through their journey. Whether it is investing in renewable energy for the first time, exploring new technologies (e.g. batteries, CCUS or hydrogen), using climate finance, restructuring your business to fit a broader sustainability model or bringing together industries that have historically been siloed, our second to none understanding of the market brings real value to our clients.

Practical and commercially-minded, we act for a diverse range of clients by bringing together our knowledge and expertise across all facets of the energy sector as well as the complementary knowledge of our colleagues in transport and real estate, to ensure our clients can meet their specific decarbonisation, sustainability or net-zero goals.

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"As leaders in the energy sector, we are proud to support our clients on their journey towards a net zero future and share their commitment to meeting the challenge of further decarbonising the energy sector."Malte Jordan, Global Co-Head of Energy

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